Art Meets Infrastructure in an L.A. Suburb

The design for a new bridge that will carry the extension of LA’s Metro Rail Gold Line over the eastbound lanes of the I-210 Freeway is "energizing" the San Gabriel Valley with its melding of art with infrastructure.

Veronica Alif discusses the inspiration for the woven appearance of the newly constructed basket-like bridge, which will carry the Gold Line extension beginning in 2014. 

"Made from steel reinforced concrete with added quartz, mica crystals, and mirrored glass, the monochromatic, abstract design, conceived by artist Andrew Leicester, pays homage to the region’s historic American Indian basket-weaving tradition and includes a carriageway and a post-and-lintel support beam system. The 25-foot baskets adorning each of the posts, 'metaphorically represent the Native Americans of the region…and pay tribute to the iconic sculptural traditions of Route 66,' wrote Leicester."

Its artistic origins aren't the bridge's only innovation. It is "[e]quipped with 'Time Domain Reflectometry' technology and an electrical feedback smart column technology system," which means that engineers can more easily assess damage following an earthquake.

Full Story: When Artists Design Infrastructure: Basket-like Bridge Energizes San Gabriel Valley


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