Federal-aid Highway Program Essentials

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently launched a new information-sharing initiative designed to help local public agencies and state departments of transportation manage their Federal-aid Highway Program projects.

The initiative, called Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies, offers an abundance of information about key aspects of the Federal-aid program on a single public website at www.fhwa.dot.gov/federal-aidessentials/index.cfm.

The website offers a central online library of informational videos and resources, designed specifically for local public agencies. Each video addresses a single topic, condensing the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid program into easy-to-understand concepts and illustrated examples. The videos are relatively short at less than 10 minutes long, professionally narrated in non-technical language, and supported with engaging graphics and animation that give viewers the most essential content. The videos can be viewed in any sequence from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

The website also has a State Resources button on the main page that provides access to a list of useful information, including individual state and FHWA local office LPA coordinator contacts and web links to state DOTs, state LPA manuals, local technical assistance program (LTAP) centers, and other helpful online resources. A drop-down menu on the main page, titled "I want to know about ," helps users find information quickly and conveniently about common Federal-aid topics. The website is regularly updated and new features added to meet state DOT and LPA needs and requests.

For more information on this initiative, please e-mail the Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies program at: [email protected]

Thanks to Steve Moler

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