Framing Placemaking as a Tool for Achieving a Larger Goal

Nathan Norris continues his series on municipal placemaking mistakes. This time: failure to understand the big picture and its order of operations.

"It's not uncommon that communities, or individuals within them, have growth and development ambitions that could be characterized as placemaking. These are a crucial part of municipal stewardship but it's important to realize that placemaking, in and of itself, is not an end goal. It's a contributing factor towards larger ambitions. It's not the big picture. It's a piece of the big picture."

Nathan Norris goes on to explain the importance of planning for outcomes, and not planning as the outcome. To get it right, the order is crucial: vision first, regulations second, and implementation last.

"Before launching efforts to create a better place, understand where such efforts plug in. Identify how placemaking can help you - and city leaders - reach larger municipal goals, then help key decision-makers see what you can see. With their support, you'll be free to embark on a comprehensive and meaningful effort. And proceed in the right order."

Thanks to Hazel Borys

Full Story: Municipal Placemaking Mistakes 02: Context and Sequencing FAIL


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