Friday Funny: The Worst Parking Habits in the World

You may have heard of the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan for the "enlightened authoritarianism" of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, or as the world's largest landlocked country. It's now earning a well-deserved reputation for its parking habits.

Max Fisher brings to our attention some photos of outrageously horrible parking jobs selected from the 1,500-plus photos displayed on the popular Kazakh website, "I Parked Like an Ass."

According to Fisher the website was the creation of a disgruntled driver from the city of Almaty named Roman Slegin. "Slegin's site, which has three staffers, has become so popular that Almaty police have offered to verify the photos and 'bring charges against persistent offenders,' according to Radio Free Europe, which also notes there are similar citizen-meter-maid sites in the U.S., Lebanon, and the U.K."

"None of them comes close to the sheer insanity of Kazakhstan's parking habits, as documented. The people in these photos park like they're fleeing the zombie apocalypse. Putting your front wheel a few feet deep on the sidewalk -- or your entire car, for that matter -- seems widespread. So does parking, perpendicular to traffic, in the middle of an active lane."

Fisher even ventures some theories (aside from the zombie one) on how such poor habits arose.  

Full Story: Photo Evidence That Kazakhstan May Have the World's Worst Parking Habits


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