Mystery Surrounds Delayed Launch of NYC Bike-Share

With Citi Bike, New York's landmark bike-share program, set to miss its expected July launch, city officials and the company running the program are giving few clues as to what's causing the delay and when the program may actually become operational.

"Software Problems"

According to Matt Flegenheimer, Mayor Bloomberg's vague explanation seems to be the only public indication as to what may be delaying the launch of New York's highly touted bike-share system. With the Transportation Department saying only that it was "working on the launch plan" and promising updates "as soon as we finalize all the details," elected officials and members of the public are becoming frustrated with the city's lack of transparency over the cause of the delays and uncertain start date, writes Flegenheimer. 

According to Ted Mann, writing in The Wall Street Journal, the delays may hit operator Alta Bicycle Share in the wallet. "While representatives for the mayor and the Department of Transportation have refused to discuss Alta's contract with the city, a review of the document suggests the city could seek payment if the system isn't operational after July 31, the 'go live date' named in the agreement."

However, with Alta footing the bill for the entire project, at no expense to the city, "Bloomberg and other city officials have so far shown no intention of penalizing Alta for the expected delay to one of the signature initiatives of the mayor's third term," writes Mann.


Full Story: On Delay in Bike-Share Program, City Gives Few Details Beyond ‘Software’


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