Final CA HSR Package Buys Partners Throughout the State

Although the first segment of the state's recently approved high-speed rail line terminates in California's Central Valley, a significant portion of the initial funding will go to improving rail lines from San Diego to San Francisco.

There's little question that the $1.9 billion being allocated to existing commuter rail systems across California (out of the initial $8 billion funding) is integral to the long-range completion and integration of the state's proposed $68 billion high-speed rail project. But to read the list of improvements being made in legislative districts across the state, many far from the Central Valley, clearly demonstrates how the tracks were greased, so to speak, for HSR's narrow legislative approval.  

Julie Small, writing for KPCC, has a partial accounting of the $1 billion that will go to rail and subway systems in Southern California, which she notes, "was key to winning votes in the legislature for the bonds." The list of notable projects includes: correcting Union Station's "hub in" design, existing track improvements and grade separations, Positive Train Control (PTC) technology for Metrolink's Antelope Valley line, and downtown L.A.'s Regional Connector Transit Corridor. 

"The expansion of Union Station, the commuter rail enhancements and the regional connector are some of the really, really big projects," writes Small. "Sharon Neely with the Southern California Association of Governments also negotiated for $500 million in high-speed funds for dozens of smaller projects throughout the region."

"We covered every agency between San Diego and the connection to the Central Valley for Southern California." Neely says, "So everybody that needs to be a partner to this is a partner."

Full Story: High speed rail funds to speed improvements to local transit



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$100 Million San Diego High Speed Rail Investments (partners:-)

Even though phase 1 of the High Speed Rail project terminates at LA's Union Station with a Metrolink connection to Anaheim, (see Planetizen: New Plan For CA HSR Misses Second And Sixth Largest Cities), San Diego will see $100 million in commuter and light rail investments. North County Times reports:

  • "$58 million will go to the Blue Line Trolley rehabilitation, which would improve grade crossings, tracks and add signals from San Ysidro to downtown San Diego"
  • "$42 million will go to a computerized train safety project along San Diego County's coastal rail line, from downtown San Diego to the Orange County line."

Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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