Scooter Sharing to Premiere in the Bay Area

The next wave in shareable transportation is coming to San Francisco. Ariel Schwartz reports on the "Zipcar of electric scooters".

Hoping to capitalize on the growing interest in collaborative consumption, as well as a renewed interest in electric vehicles, CEO Michael Keating will launch Scoot Networks in the coming month. The start-up will begin with a small fleet of 20 or so scooters dedicated to private companies but plans to grow their market rapidly to reach the larger public. Scoot Network intends to make ridership simple and affordable by offering training for inexperienced drivers, and, in the future, stations that can accept scooter returns that were picked up elsewhere in the city.

The Bay Area's innovative culture, combined with it's transportation challenges are what made it appealing for the launch of Scoot Network. Assuming they see success in San Francisco, cities across the U.S. may start seeing scooter stations popping up. As Keating points out, "[Scooters] are the cheapest form of motorized transportation in the world."

Thanks to Jessica Brent

Full Story: The Zipcar of Electric Scooters Is Coming To San Francisco


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