Friday Funny: Using Classical Music to Deter Transit Crime

Pat Doyle reports on a new effort to reduce nuisances at a Minneapolis area light-rail station by using offensive music -- classical music in this case -- as a deterrent.

According to Doyle, "The Metro Transit system has turned on great composers in hope of turning off loiterers, vagrants and other troublemakers attracted to the station. 'If it encourages some people to wander away because it's not their favorite type of music, I guess that's OK,' said Acting Transit Police Chief A.J. Olson."

Interestingly, this concept is not novel. Doyle reports that the campaign is modeled on a similar program implemented in Portland, and is being combined in Minneapolis with other efforts to improve safety at the Lake Street station on the Hiawatha line.

While this crime deterrent method is getting approval from the police, it's not sitting well with classical music enthusiasts. "Classical music lovers hate the fact that urban planners use classical music to disperse youth," according to Minneapolis City Council Member Gary Schiff.

Full Story: Transit officials looking to Ludwig and his posse for help



Apparently Delius works best

This has been going on for years in Britain. British Rail has even worked out over years of observation, what music is the most effective. This is the orchestral music of Frederick Delius.

For example:

The key seems to be relative absence of strong "beat", and lush harmonies that dissolve into one another.

Personally, I think this is some of the greatest beauty ever devised by man, and the savagery of those repulsed by "beauty" is fully exposed by this experiment.

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