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Lessons From the World's Great Biking Cities

Christine Grant was fortunate enough to win a fellowship that allowed her to spend six months in the world's most bike-friendly cities. In this article she shares with us the 10 essential lessons she learned along the way.

In addition to the elements planners might intuitively understand about how to provide an encouraging environment for bicyclists in our cities (protected lanes, implement a bike-share program, etc.), Christine has some intriguing findings.

One such recommendation that would-be bicyclists may not consider is Lesson 7 -- You don't need bike clothes:

"Most of the women and men I saw on bicycles throughout Europe and Japan didn't wear special clothes. People just wore their usual outfits, heels and all. Women from London to Tokyo looked beautiful, stylish, and feminine while they were cycling. Men frequently pedaled in suits. 'Style over speed,' says Mikael Colville-Anderson, who started the Cycle Chic movement."

Full Story: Virtuous cycle: 10 lessons from the world’s great biking cities



Small and medium-sized cities'strategies to promote biking

Not only big cities in Europe are implementing bike-friendly policies; Small and medium-sized cities should be considered when it comes to building innovative stategies to promote soft ways of transportation like biking and walking.

Have a look at the Active Travel Network website (http://urbact.eu/fr/projects/low-carbon-urban-environments/active-travel...), an URBACT project (http://urbact.eu/) gathering 11 European small and medium-sized cities which exchange best practices and learn from each other.

For more information :

- Active Travel Network website : http://urbact.eu/fr/projects/low-carbon-urban-environments/active-travel...
- Active Travel Network latest news and innovative actions :http://urbact.eu/fr/projects/low-carbon-urban-environments/active-travel...
- The URBACT method (video) :http://urbact.eu/fr/header-main/actualites-et-evenements/view-one/news/?...

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