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Touring San Francisco's Parklets: A New Urban Trend

Parklets are a new urban trend spreading to cities all over the world. It's an idea born in San Francisco, and the San Francisco Chronicle's John King takes a tour of each of the city's new mini-parks

"Their reach extends from Potrero Hill to the Outer Sunset, as far north as Washington Square and as far south as one planned for the Excelsior district. The latter parklet will be built by students at the Out of Site Youth Arts Center; by contrast, Audi sponsored a "promenade" on Powell Street that was designed by noted Oakland landscape architect Walter Hood with a budget rumored to approach $1 million.

They're also attracting attention beyond the Bay Area. Parklets have popped up in Philadelphia and Vancouver, British Columbia. Several are planned for Los Angeles. Architectural Record devoted a page this fall to 'the ultimate revenge on the modern city: one less parking space, one more park.'

Correction: Two parking spaces are sacrificed, not one. In their place goes a platform that sits level with the sidewalk and is adorned with seating, plants and some form of a protective edge."

King visits each of the 22 built parklets, reviewing both the look and the feel. Six more have been approved and 44 are currently in various stages of review.

Thanks to Nate Berg

Full Story: S.F. parklets: a little tour of a major trend S.F. parklets: a little tour of a major trend


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