Field Poll: HSR Falls Into Disfavor With Majority Of Californians

According to the non-partisan, independent poll, 64% of respondents endorse placing the 2008, $9.95 billion bond measure back on the ballot to allow voters to choose to proceed with the train project now that costs have doubled; 59% would vote 'no'.

Clearly all the disappointing news, foremost the escalation in costs with the new business plan, and the lawsuits in the Central Valley and Peninsula may have taken their toll. Only 31% would vote to continue the project if it were placed on the ballot today - Proposition 1A (PDF) passed with 52.6% of the vote three years ago.

"The new Field Poll (PDF) finds support for another vote on the issue is strong regardless of voters' political affiliations and how they voted on the 2008 measure.

Among Republicans, 73 percent would vote against the train funding; 49 percent of Democrats would say no."

The California Report (audio tape): Field Poll: Buyers remorse - "A new poll out this morning shows a strong bipartisan urge to put the idea of a statewide bullet train back on the ballot."

About the Field Poll: "During its long history, The Field Poll has acquired a national reputation as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of public opinion trends in California..."

Full Story: High-speed rail would fail in new vote, poll finds


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