Planners Working to Avoiding Transportation Disaster at Olympic Games

Olympic Planners have just ten months left to prepare for an anticipated 15 million trips a day during the event in an already congested city. So far, about 6.5 billion pounds ($10.2 billion) has been invested.

Recalling the 1996 Atlanta Games, "with bus drivers getting lost, athletes arriving moments before their events and overloaded trains that couldn't get residents home," the improvements were prompted by the International Olympic Committee's demands to prevent such issues from coming up again.

"Among the biggest problems are the streets themselves - laid out as they are in a pattern relatively unchanged since medieval times. That means only a handful of thoroughfares, and even those are nothing like the great boulevards that bisect cities like New York and Paris. Earmarking some lanes for Olympic traffic could cause disruption - because they are the main ones."

Full Story: London Olympic planners work to avoid transport chaos at games, recalling Atlanta debacle


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