Electric DeLorean Scheduled to Hit Streets in 2013

DeLorean Motor Company has not only resurrected that iconic car many remember from 'Back to the Future,' but have made it a true car from the future. The 2013 DMC-12 EV will run on lithium-ion batteries, making it fully electric.

At a DeLorean Owners Event on Oct. 14, the DeLorean Motor Company stunned the crowd by presenting a prototype of the all new electric DeLorean that will be released in 2013. "What we [showed] tonight is major leaps forward," said Stephen Wynne, owner of DMC. "We have had a few incremental updates over time, but as far as substantial updates go, it's been 30 years."

"Since the first DeLorean automobiles rolled off the production line in Northern Ireland in 1981, the car has acquired a cult following worldwide. Much of the DeLorean's fame can be attributed to the 'Back to the Future' movie trilogy, which featured a DeLorean time machine and enhanced the car's futuristic image."Toby Peterson also says that the DeLorean has also become a nostalgic symbol of the 80s.

While the exterior look of the DeLorean including the iconic gull-wing doors will remain the same, a Epic EV elextric powertrain with 260 hp, and a new lightweight underbody are some of the new features that dress this car.

Full Story: DeLorean Motor Company heads back to the future: Electric DeLorean unveiled


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