Friday Funny: Crossing the Street in Vietnam Takes Gumption

What crosswalk? Watch this man effortlessly synchronizes his steady gait with the oncoming cavalry of cars, buses, and motorcycles as he crosses a busy street in Vietnam. If there is fear, he sure does a great job not showing it.
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How to cross the road in Vietnam

Compared to India, this is absolutely orderly. Traffic moves only in one direction, there is a properly painted cross walk, and the vehicles appear to be traveling in a straight line, not weaving or shoving each other. Yet, people also cross the street in India. another wonderful sight here is the expression of absolute equanimity and complete unconcern on the faces of women on their scooters and motorcycles (yes! - mostly 150 cc, but real bikes) as they work their way through the traffic. We in the West may have invented the car and the motorbike, but Asians have truly mastered them.
J. David Stein -temporarily in South India.

Which Is The Master?

"the West may have invented the car and the motorbike, but Asians have truly mastered them."

In most American cities, the cars are the masters, and pedestrians are second-class citizens. From watching this video of Vietnam, I get the impression that the cars and motorbikes are even more dominant.

Charles Siegel

If you learn how to

If you learn how to communicate with the drivers, you can pass the streets safely. Passing the streets in Vietnam is usually seen by expats as one of the test for communication skills for foreigners who want to do business in Vietnam.
Dr. Ngo-Viet Nam-Son Planner & architect (North America & Asia)

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