Less Parking Needed In Silicon Valley TODs

A graduate class in San Jose State's urban planning program surveyed parking lots at 12 housing developments by rail stations in Santa Clara County to see how well utilized they were and offer recommendations on parking codes.

The report, authored by Prof. Eduardo C. Serafin, PE, AICP, and planner Justin Meek, concludes:

"Our research has shown that the surveyed TOD residential sites near
rail stations in Santa Clara County are over-parked. On average, only about 1.3 spaces are needed per unit in a residential TOD in Santa Clara County, compared to an existing average parking supply of 1.7 for the survey sites."

On average, 74% of the parking spaces in the lots surveyed were utilized. The projects were single-use residential developments, except one that had a small incidental retail component. The majority of the properties were multi-family rental housing, but some were for-sale units.

One of the purposes of the study was to compare the findings of TODs specific to more suburban Santa Clara County with a 2009 study by UC Berkeley Professor Robert Cervero who surveyed TODs in the East Bay of the Bay Area and Portland, OR.

Thanks to Shiloh Ballard

Full Story: Residential TODs in Santa Clara County are overparked



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Additional Silicon Valley TOD parking research links

On the SJSU Urban & Regional Planning Website, scroll down to find three links for this study:
1. Report Summary [.pdf]

2. A Parking Utilization Survey of Transit-Oriented Development Residential Properties in Santa Clara County. Volume 1: Technical Report [.pdf]

3. A Parking Utilization Survey of Transit-Oriented Development Residential Properties in Santa Clara County. Volume 2: Technical Appendices [.pdf]

Finally, links to the SJSU study and other parking studies can be found on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's webpage on parking.

Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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