High-Speed BUS Travels at 150 MPH

Wubbo Ockels, a Dutch physicist and astronaut, has designed and built a prototype high-speed bus as an alternative to high-speed rail. (VIDEO)

In contrast to the recent spoof story from The Onion about a high-speed bus plan, this one is real:

The High-Speed Bus prototype is electric-powered, cruises at 150 MPH+, and can hold 23 passengers, according to the designer.

Full Story: Dutch Superbus



roomy interior

Yes that's exactly like a train isn't it. Look at all the space for luggage and the elegant dining car. You could walk around and stretch out your legs or play cards together as a family. NOT! There's certainly no need to worry about hitting a pothole or somebody's lost muffler at 150mph, is there? I know we would all love to see this thing zooming up behind the bmw's in the fast lane and honking for them to move right, but is it safe to mix this with regular traffic restricted to 60 or 70mph? If not, then you'll pay a lot more for dedicated lanes. What about replacement? will it last 40 years like a train or 12 like a bus? Generous capacity of 1 driver for 23 people, on this "mass" transit mode, eh?
BTW High speed rail does 220mph. nice try.

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