Pocket Parks: Packed With Peanuts?

The Planters company has revealed plans to assist cities in designing and building urban pocket parks in underused land. In return, the parks will include branding from the company, including a Mr. Peanut statue sitting on a peanut bench.

The folks at the American Society of Landscape Architect's blog weigh the pros and cons.

A sample of the pros: "The parks will be designed for public use and it sounds like will eventually be turned over to the city governments."

And of the cons: "Public spaces are being over-the-top 'branded' by a private company, further blurring the lines between private and public domains."

The lack of public input into the design process is another concern, says ASLA. The parks are slated to appear in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New Orleans and New York City.

Full Story: Planters' Groves: A Good Thing?



America's warped idea of Philanthropy

What is it about the rich in the USA that they can't just give back some of their wealth without wanting something material in return for it. This is not philanthropy. The Mr Peanut statues are not being "included", instead they are being imposed. This is just big-noting oneself in public.

The US sickness of worshipping the wealthy is much worse than the UK sickness of worshipping monarchy. It's as if you really think the USA will stop working if those 400 people don't own 95% of your country's wealth.

Really - just take a look around your everyday places where you live and see who really does the work, makes the things you like, grows the food, looks after your security etc. It's you and the millions of others like you, not them. So tell me, why do you worship them and allow them to steal your efforts away while you settle for less than what you deserve?

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