Can High Speed Rail Survive Conservative Politicians?

Scott Thill makes the case for high speed rail, and how it can contribute to a more sustainable future nationwide -- but conservative politicians at the state level appear set to derail it.

The need for high-speed rail is great, and the opportunities are tremendous -- both for reducing energy consumption and emissions to say nothing of boosting job creation. Yet many conservative politicians seem bent on scuttling funding for projects at the state level. Thill lays why rail makes particular sense in California:

"California's high-speed rail project is a net win on fronts that truly matter. It may not make Republicans happy enough to stop becoming senseless obstructionists. It might not even soothe state Democrats like Cardoza, who claim to work for energy independence while overlooking one of the most ambitious alternative energy projects in California history. But if it is supported and realized, California's high-speed rail network could renew the state's economy, mobility and ingenuity, summarily setting it apart from states with charades that pass for political and environmental leadership. That is, until those states inevitably come to their senses."

Read more in-depth high-speed rail news at Planetizen's sister site, The Railist.

Full Story: The Future is Becoming More Clear


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