You've Heard of Pocket Parks, but Pocket Airports?

A NASA-related agency envisions a future when people will commute from small neighborhood "pocket airports" in their "Suburban Air Vehicles" (SAVs).

Dr. Brien Seeley, president of CAFE (Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency, NASA loves their acronyms) gave a presentation last week about how this might work. Ben Coxworth of Gizmag was there:

"According to Seeley, by the time travelers have made their way by ground to their city's one main airport, and then traveled again by ground from the destination airport to their final destination point, the speed with which the waiting airliner will get them there has been negated. The solution, he explained, is 2 to 4-passenger SAVs that could ferry people between the main airports and conveniently-located pocket airports."

Full Story: 'Pocket airports' would link neighborhoods by air



Back to the Future???

This idea sounds so 1950s.

No Traffic - Sure...

"“This is what the SAV would offer you: a fast vehicle with an open road and no traffic,” he said."

I have seen books from the 1950s that predict freeways will eliminate all problems with traffic. There is no doubt that, if they ever try this scheme on a large scale, it would generate so much air traffic that there would be long backups as planes waited for permission to take off and land. And there would be constant demands to build more pocket airports to "solve" this traffic problem.

Of course, it would also mean urban sprawl that is an order of magnitude worse than what we have now.

Like urban freeways, pocket airports are a way of spending more money and traveling longer distances, in order to get to places that are less worth going to.

Charles Siegel

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