Would People Obey Speed Limits If They Were - Fun?

Kevin Richardson came up with a fanciful idea for rewarding good drivers while punishing bad ones: speed cameras could ticket speeders, the money would go into a pot, and good drivers would be selected randomly by the camera to win big money.

Of course, city revenues would take a hit because they count on those speeding tickets. But Richardson's idea (which won a prize itself, from a Volkswagen campaign called "The Fun Theory") is on the right track for inspiring good behavior.

Full Story: The Speed Camera Lottery - The Fun Theory



Nice idea

Reminds me of a lottery savings account that was featured on Freakonomics radio the other week, only this one is even better because there is no cost for participating. A lottery-based positive reinforcement like this wouldn't have to be a revenue drain for cities. Just set the award money such that costs of administering the program are collected first. Something like this could also reduce the public backlash against introducing speed cameras into certain areas.

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