Enticing Millennials to a New Suburbia

At a seminar on "Re-working Suburbia" in San Leandro, California, urban designers and planners strategized for ways to upgrade Bay Area suburbs to attract millennials.

Rod Stevens, a business consultant, spoke at the event, saying that current economic trends do not bode well for the suburban model, which benefited from being cheaper in comparison with city housing options.

"Stevens emphasized that many suburbs 'have to come up with new advantages.' Because of changes in the economy, many suburbs will have to evolve into places that accommodate more interaction. 'It's all about activity and people crossing paths,' he said, noting that in 'value-added industry,' much of the value is added through judgment and discussion. These 'high volumes of interaction' are something that was not common in the 'rather faceless' suburbs built in the mid-20th century.

Thanks to Renee Brutvan

Full Story: Californians ponder how to remake aging suburbs


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