Congestion Pricing, Carpool Charging And Driver Behavior

KALW's transportation reporter takes a ride across the Bay Bridge during the peak period to experience the new travel patterns brought on by the Bay Area's first experience with congestion pricing - she interviews a UC specialist in human behavior.

This 6-minute radio show provides new insights into how the Bay Area prepared for the July 1 advent of congestion pricing and charging carpoolers. University of CA at Berkeley human behavior professor Joan Walker who focuses on transportation expresses kudos to BART for their insightful promotion - targeting casual carpoolers.

"One thing (Walker) told me is that people aren't always rational, and the carpool lane is a great example. It's still way cheaper to carpool than it is to drive alone and pay the full fare. But Walker told me it might not matter that the carpool lane is cheap - because it's not free."

"In the weeks before the toll change, (BART representatives) were out at casual carpool pickup points around the East Bay, handing out free tickets worth 10 bucks apiece. They called it, "A special gift to you from BART." Well, those free tickets weren't just any tickets: they were specially coded so BART could keep track of when people used them. So far, about a third have been redeemed."

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Full Story: Higher peak-time tolls mean fewer delays



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SF Chronicle investigates changes in carpool behavior due to tol

New bridge tolls shake up casual carpool market: looks like the carpool charge could have more impact on commute behavior on Bay Bridge than the congestion charge!
Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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