Bike Sharing Rolls Out in Chicago

The Chicago Tribune interviews Josh Squire, the entrepreneur responsible for Chicago's bike sharing pilot program.

Q. How much does this cost the city?

A. It doesn't cost the city anything. Since we put a couple of stations on park district space, if we get sponsorships, then the city will benefit.

Q. All the stations are near the downtown lakefront. Is this mostly for tourists?

A. Our idea is to demonstrate that this is viable for tourists, locals and area workers. As we grow we'll venture into neighborhoods and transit centers.

Q. It's expensive - $10 an hour if you don't have a membership.

A. I don't think it's expensive if you compare it to a CTA monthly pass or even I-GO or Zipcar. And how much does it cost you to park a car in the city?

A pass costs $35 a month, $25 for students. With the pass, the first hour of use is included. You have unlimited trips in that hour. If you want to keep it longer, it's an additional $2.50 per half hour, but we want to discourage that.

Q. Why discourage it?

A. Bike share is for short trips. Let's say you work at 541 N. Fairbanks and want to do an errand at City Hall. You take a bike to Daley Plaza, leave it there. Somebody else might take that bike and go to the John Hancock to eat lunch. A resident at the Hancock might take it to the museum.

Thanks to Franny Ritchie

Full Story: Bike Share: A slice of Paris in Chicago


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