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The Dangers of Drinking and Riding

The perils of drinking and driving have been well documented - but what of drinking and riding the subway? While the latter only endangers oneself for the most part, crashes can still happen - in this piece, a $2.3 million award was overturned.

Clearly this injury would have been prevented had the victim been accompanied by a friend, yet it appears that no such campaign will be launched by the Transit Authority.

"Dustin Dibble, 26, lost part of his right leg in the accident at Union Square station in April, 2006. He had been out with friends watching ice hockey at a bar, according to his lawyer, and said he was too drunk to remember how he ended up on the tracks or anything about the accident.

A jury said he deserved $2.3 million, but an appeals court panel on Tuesday (6/22) threw out his lawsuit.

Jurors last year found that Mr. Dibble bore some responsibility for his injury, but they put most of the blame on New York City Transit."

Full Story: Appeals Panel Throws Out Suit in Subway Accident


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