New Urbanist Ideas Can Improve Public Health

"A once radical idea - that health and urbanism are so deeply entwined that investing in the latter may improve the former -- is beginning to find broad adoption," concludes Fast Company. Greg Lindsay charts the realization of this relationship.

Dr. Richard Jackson, former head of the National Center for Environmental Health at the CDC explains how his understanding of urbanism changed his approach to public health. He understands that the crux of public health "is the causes of the causes of death."

Those "who create places that promote and protect health are probably doing more for health than those of us walking around in white coats," claims Jackson. The ways we interact with our surroundings have direct human consequences such as the likelihood of developing asthma, diabetes, and being injured in an automobile accidents. Closer consideration of this interaction will have direct planning and policy implications.

Full Story: Driving Makes You Fat, Other Life Saving New Urbanist Epiphanies


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