Exclusive Bus Lanes Coming To Manhattan's East Side

More changes are coming to Manhattan as auto-space yields to bus-space on First and Second Aves. Will transit users comply with the honor system as boarding will take place from all three doors? The lanes will be 'terra-cotta brown' without barrier.

Expected to reduce travel times by as much as 20% and costing a mere $10 million, this could be the most cost-effective transit improvement the Big Apple has ever seen.

"The plan, to be announced on Monday, represents the latest move by the Bloomberg administration to siphon away space from private automobiles in favor of other forms of transport. Once dominated by trucks, cars and taxicabs, First and Second Avenues will now gain cycling lanes and concrete pedestrian islands, as well as a bus route meant to function more like a subway."

"Starting in October, buses will be granted an exclusive lane to speed up travel on those avenues from Houston Street to 125th Street, a trip that can last an hour and a half - the length of an Amtrak ride from Pennsylvania Station to Philadelphia.

Tickets will be sold at sidewalk kiosks, allowing passengers to board without stopping to fumble for change or a MetroCard.

Riders will be on the honor system: passengers will not have to produce a ticket unless asked. (A $100 fine awaits the dishonest.) And the buses will be equipped with three doors for quicker boarding and exiting."

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Full Story: Bus Lanes to Quicken Commute on East Side



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For More Info on First & Second Ave Bus & Bike Lanes...

see Streetsblog: East Side Re-Design Moves Ahead, But Full Bike Corridor Is on Hold, by Ben Fried and Noah Kazis on June 7, 2010
" From the beginning, it's been the most ambitious re-envisioning of a major corridor we've seen in New York City to date: 250 blocks of faster bus service and safer traveling for cyclists and pedestrians. But it has not met the high expectations of New Yorkers who held out hope for a truly high-performance busway and a continuous, protected bicycle corridor."

"When it's completed up to East Harlem, the East Side will have the best streets for biking, walking and buses anywhere in the country," said Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White.

"There was one significant addition to the bus plans. Starting in 2011, buses on First and Second Avenues will receive priority at traffic signals, with green lights lasting a bit longer if buses are approaching. Traffic signal priority, which is currently in effect on the Fordham Road SBS route, wasn't part of the original plans for the East Side. "
Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

Bus Lanes on 2nd Avenue ?!

In most cities where subway or light rail construction is planned such as along 2nd Avenue in Manhattan, and a new proposal for BRT or BRT "like" bus service comes up at the same time, I get nervous. The article does mention ongoing 2nd Avenue subway construction. I very much hope that the newly enhanced bus service will merely augment upcoming 2nd Avenue subway service, and does not take momentum away from construction of the 2nd Avenue subway and eventually permanently delay the subway project as a little bit of paint and a few bendy buses have been known to do in other cities.

Wow! This exclusive bus lane

Wow! This exclusive bus lane superb. I wish this kind of bus would be introduced in our country as well. People should not have rush to catch the bus. Manhattan has provided a lot of facilities to the people of Manhattan. I am also excited to see the exclusive bus lane that has three doors for quicker boarding and exiting. This is the most effective and improvement that I have ever seen or heard.

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