A Local City Way of Thinking

That's where Sugar Hill, Georgia is headed, says City Manager Bob Hail. He says, "You can live here, work here and you can play here. That's the whole idea."

One way Sugar Hill is attempting to give locals a reason to stay home is reforming local liquor laws, which forbid combining booze with some forms of entertainment.

Shane Blatt writes, "But beyond booze, Lilburn has made sweeping changes to its sign ordinance, rolled out a new city logo and partnered with business leaders to form the Lilburn Community Improvement District along U.S. 29.

For [Mayor Diana] Preston, the city's efforts signal a change "in the way things were." The mayor said the once-homespun community of 11,500 is now embracing the needs of a diverse pool of businesses and residents, particularly young adults."

Full Story: Cities turn to art, liquor, karaoke to lure business


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