Canadian Cities Wiring for Electric Vehicles

For electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to really take off, there needs to be a coordinated effort between planners, developers and the utilities to ensure the infrastructure is in place. Some Canadian cities are already taking action.

While there is a lot of interest in vehicles that run wholly or in part on electricity, there are concerns that cities may not be ready for mass conversion to these vehicles in terms of appropriate infrastructure. According to the Globe and Mail, some Canadian cities and developers are making progress in this direction.

"It's clear that significant urban planning changes will be needed for the coming electric-car onslaught as consumers look to charge green cars at home, at work and at public locations such as shopping malls. Barriers to the widespread embrace of the electric car are complex. Without proper infrastructure, and co-ordination among governments, utilities and building developers, drivers will almost certainly stick to their gas-powered rides.

Despite the logistical challenges, some progress is being made on the legislative front to serve early plug-in adopters.

The City of Vancouver, for example, now requires all new single-family homes - as well as 20 per cent of all parking stalls in new condominiums - to include plug-in outlets...Vancouver-based Concord Pacific Group Inc. last year announced that its latest Vancouver condo, the 23-storey Cosmo set to open in 2012, will include outlets in about 20 per cent of parking stalls, while Ottawa-based Minto Group Inc. is roughing in wiring for electric outlets for 10 per cent of parking stalls in one of its new Toronto condos."

Full Story: Preparing for a plug-in future


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