Ideas to Transform India's Cities

Scholars from the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad discuss how to remake the country's urban areas into sources of economic prosperity.

"India is likely to witness an acceleration in the urbanization trend in the coming years. While there is a broad agreement that every economy undergoing such metamorphosis will witness higher levels of urbanization, the outcomes achieved by nations during this process depend on where they started from and how they managed this crucial phase of growth. Do our towns, cities and metropolitan centers have the institutional structures and resources to manage this transition? Should we even consider urbanization as an inevitable outcome and start channelizing our policy attention towards the urban areas at the expense of building sustainable rural communities?"

Similar to ideas expressed in the U.S., the Indian scholars writing for The Wall Street Journal argue for a distributed collection of innovation hotbeds, and a focus on expanding opportunities in rural areas beyond subsistence farming.

Full Story: Re-Imagining a New Urban India


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