Controversy Over Condos in Buffalo

A 12-story condominium proposed for Crystal Beach in Fort Erie, Ontario brought protesters out in droves, but despite the fact that objections outweighed approvals by 2-1, the city council approved the project.

Ft. Erie is a beachfront town with a resort feel, and many neighbors felt that a 12-story condo was not in keeping with the flavor of the town.

"Supporters said the 87 upscale units would reinvigorate the area and boost tax rolls and local businesses. They said that the condominium offered new hope for an economically battered area and that it was time for the town to move in a new direction.

"Just the thought of a beautiful condo replacing a blacktop parking lot is inspiring," said Lois Wilson, of Crystal Beach."

Full Story: Crystal Beach condo project moves forward


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