A Successful "Blue-Green Alliance" At Port Of LA

The single largest source of air pollution in Southern California are the Ports of LA and Long Beach. Environmentalists, environmental justice advocates, and Teamsters are working together to replace offending diesel drayage trucks.

Emissions from diesel trucks are one of the main reasons why the ports are such pollution-generators. Many of the trucks are old and driven by independent contractors, making their replacement both necessary and difficult for the drivers.

"Working with environmentalists, the union helped persuade the Port of Los Angeles to adopt a far-reaching plan that bars old trucks from hauling cargo from the port and puts the burden of buying new vehicles on the trucking companies, not the drivers.

Environmental groups are happy to have the Teamsters' political muscle behind efforts to clean up the ports, while the union likes having environmentalists backing its goal: requiring port trucking companies to employ their drivers directly, rather than as independent contractors because employees, unlike contractors, can join unions."

Thanks to Mathews Hollinshead

Full Story: Clearing the Air at American Ports



Clean it Up

I may live in the desert but we have our fair share of pollution from trucks. I live next to Mexico and we have four international bridges with several trucks idling for hours as they wait to cross and go through customs.

Problem is, these trucks are from Mexico so what can you do? Even the ones that manage to meet the standards to drive on around town are quite old and leave you feeling scared when you see how badly maintained they are. There are also lots of American trucks with the same situation. My point is, this area is such a poor place...everyone here works their butt off to get by...no one can do this on their own.

The Mexican drivers work outrageous hours practically living out of their trucks (seriously, I see these guys napping in them if they can do it) and the Americans aren't much different. Where does the money for cleaner trucks come from for all of us? There are two states in America and one over in Mexico...how can you regulate all of this?

Why not make it an effort from all sides? The companies and the government putting in some money for the trucks?

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