Outside Vancouver, Smaller Towns Skeptical About Olympic Benefits

Locals in some of the smaller towns of British Columbia are skeptical that they will see the economic benefits of the this year's Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Officials have been touting the Olympics as a benefit for the entire province, but some smaller cities and rural areas are highly doubtful that those benefits will trickle down.

"The province has also tried to spread around the Olympic spirit, using so-called legacy funds to pay for sports programs and facilities in communities like Prince George. For example, the province's 2010 Legacies Now program put $20 million into the $32-million Northern Sport Centre at the University of Northern B.C.

However, some people living outside of the Vancouver area and Whistler, in smaller cities and rural areas of the province away from the new sports venues and highways and the bright lights of the opening ceremonies, are skeptical their communities will be affected in any significant way."

Full Story: Some living in cities and towns outside Vancouver skeptical of Olympic benefits


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