A Suburban Bird's Eye View

Metropolis presents a slideshow of photographs by artist Christoph Gielen, who photographs suburban developments from a helicopter.

The images in the slideshow offer a look at the pattern-heavy designs of suburban housing developments.

"Christoph Gielen has a unique perspective-literally-on the sprawl that has taken over so much of the American built landscape since the 1960s. As someone who has spent a lot of time in helicopters, looking down on the eerily perfect geometries of the nation's suburbs, the German artist knows just how artificial, and unsustainable, these communities really are."

Full Story: Burbs from Above



More Pics and Documentaries Needed of Mass Produced Building

More photographs and documentaries of mass produced development construction are needed and should be used in policy advocacy. Pictures tell a thousand words.

Professional documentary makers can capture the process and losses that are part of mass produced development- felling of native forests, paving over of farmland, the demolition of historic buildings. Too much is being lost to NOT film and photograph it.

I visited the Metropolis site and was not able to view the slide show of Gielen's photographs, it only showed the first image of a site in California. I had to visit his website to view the rest.

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