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Fed-Up Commuter Fixes Freeway Sign Himself

Artist Richard Ankrom got tired of the chaos created by bad signage for the Interstate 5 exit near Pasadena. So he created and mounted his own sign.

The sign remained up for eight years, and when CalTrans finally removed the sign, it was to replace it with a new sign that incorporated Ankrom's correction.

Alissa Walker writes, "Ankrom called his piece "guerrilla public service," and that it was: His action quickly and seamlessly alleviated millions of headaches for those who were able to make their transition to the 5 somewhat less hairy (can you imagine how long it would have taken to petition Caltrans the old-fashioned way?). He very likely saved a few lives."

Full Story: The Fake Freeway Sign that Became a Real Public Service



Citizen action pays off

We need more of these types of actions in our communities. It can be ridiculous how long it takes public administrators to get to correcting these sorts of matters.

I knew of a college professor who "edited" a pedestrian crossing sign at a duck pond off of the campus. He painted a duck onto the sign next to the pedestrian.

A few ducks lives were probably saved.

Citizen Help

I had a friend once who thought that having bus schedules at bus stops was a good idea. So he posted the schedules at the stops. The city manager threatened him with arrest.

What was the charge?

What was he charged with? Defamation of property?

re: what was the charge?

Probably, he was never arrested or charged, just threatened by the city manager.

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