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Bike Lanes a "Religious Hazard'?

A controversy has erupted in Brooklyn over bike lanes, which are opposed by members of the Hasidic community on religious grounds [includes video].

Two groups are at odds over the streets of Brooklyn: New York cyclists, who object to the removal of bike lanes and Hasidic Jews in the the Williamsburg neighborhood who wanted the lanes removed, largely because of the informally-attired young women who cycled there. However, "guerrilla" line painters have struck back:

"The war over Williamsburg has taken yet another turn. In response to last week's removal of bike lanes in the traditionally Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn, a group of local bike riders took it upon themselves to repaint the lane lines running down Bedford Avenue. The Hasids had asked the city to remove the bike lanes from the neighborhood, claiming the influx of bikers posed a 'safety and religious hazard.' In an interesting twist, the group of guerrilla line painters reportedly included members of the Hasidic community who are not opposed to the lanes."

Full Story: Hipsters, Hasidic Jews Fight Over Bike Lanes In Williamsburg



I really don't know why...

I really don't know why it's considered "an interesting twist" that some members of the Hasdidic community are on the side of bicyclists... I don't know of any communities of people anywhere in America who march 100% in lockstep with the simplistic black & white positions ascribed to them by the media.

As for the "religious hazard" stuff, though? The apparent kowtowing of the Bloomberg administration in the initial removal of bike lanes in this case is deeply disturbing. Separation of church and state, anyone?

Religious Hazard? This Jewish Redneck Speaks Out...

Our way is the best way for us. We done been here longer than y'all, so don't go messin' with our good thing. We don't need no exposed flesh, like some goyische magazine. If you want to get exercise, exercise your minds with a little Mishnah, not a Merckx, some Torah, not a Titus. However, at the same time, we don't want no blood on our hands. So, if ya do go a ridin' down our streets with yer skimpy non-tz'niyus-dik clothes, and happen to crash or git hit by a motor vehicle, we'll call the ambulance to cart your blaspheming body off our streets before our children start to see that humanity is something greater than our principles inside our bubble; and that non-religious or even non-Jews deserve equal respect to tzaddikim because as believers, we all believe we're ALL made in G-d's image. But, before we get all ahead of ourselves, we'll be nice to y'all, but y'all gotta remain in-check and not overrunning yer bounds. And we can't have none of that almost-naked stuff, like jerseys and tank tops and shorts, riding down our streets. Funny how much we hate a lotta things about them Ay-rabs; but man, we sure like the way they dress their women - covered head ta foot (I think they got that from us). So, next time you want to take yer bike down our streets, take a page outta our playbook and please put on some long clothes and put yer bike in the back of yer car. Oh, and DON'T be driving down our streets, bike or no bike, on the Sabbath. We like things the way they are. Now, have a nice day and let us enjoy America as we see fit - without you bothering us. Oh, but keep doing business with us and sending money to our charities.


medvidek72...that's hilarious!

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