Transit Disoriented Development

Arlington, Texas, is home to the Dallas Cowboys' football stadium. But as the largest American city with no public bus or rail lines, getting to the stadium is no easy task.

"[E]ven Indianapolis, Buffalo and Phoenix – three cities far more famous for football than for transit options – run regular bus lines right past their stadiums and offer easily available shuttles to the games. Such options don't exist in Arlington and Green Bay.

Come Sunday, fans here will be confronted with a dizzying array of options once they arrive at Cowboys Stadium – beginning with whether to pay big bucks for a seat or spend just $29 for an all-day tailgate with the Party Pass.

But getting there won't be easy. To reach Arlington, America's largest city without a single bus line or passenger rail line, they can drive through some of the most heavily congested and construction-snarled roads in the region, or they can take a cab."

Parking is plentiful at and near the stadium, but expensive. Despite an aggressive light rail development plan in Dallas, nearby Arlington remains without its own transit system.

But as host for the 2011 Super Bowl, the city is starting to think more about transit. Mayor Robert Cluck has announced plans to place passenger rail cars on freight tracks to enable rail access to the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

Full Story: Unlike most NFL sites, there aren't many ways to catch a ride to Cowboys Stadium


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