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New Report: Use Cap & Trade Revenue To Invest In Smart Growth

Cap and trade is the topic du jour in climate change circles. A new report from CCAP makes the economic case for using those revenues to promote smart growth that reduces transportation emissions though VMT reductions.

With fully one-third of greenhouse gas emissions stemming from transportation, the Center for Clean Air Policy looked at how the evolving climate change bill will reduce those emissions through its cap and trade policy. While excellent at tackling 'point sources' of emissions, the carbon trading mechanism's affect on driving may in fact be negligible.

"The study points out that although the price signal from a national cap-and-trade system will be sufficient to change behavior of major point sources of emissions, it will be far less effective in influencing travel demand for Americans.

This study demonstrates that achieving economy-wide emissions reductions will be less costly if strategies include smart growth and improved travel choices. Therefore, CCAP recommends dedicating 10 percent of national cap-and-trade allowance value to smart growth and improved transportation choices."

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Full Story: New Study Shows Smart Growth And Improved Transportation Choices Will Reduce GHG Emissions And Save Americans Mone


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