Not Your Parents' Denver Region Any Longer

Following the path of only a few other attractive cities and regions, Denver is seeing an influx of whites while the suburbs are becoming increasingly racially & ethnically integrated.

"Throughout the metro area, neighborhoods have turned topsy-turvy.

A Denver Post analysis of state birth records shows that the racial integration of the central city and suburbs that began in the 1990s intensified through this decade.

The analysis shows that Denver is getting considerably whiter, while its suburbs have gained in minority - primarily Latino - population.

If the 2010 census confirms those findings, there will be numerous implications, particularly in education and politics.

"It's not your parents' metropolitan area," said Mark Muro, director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C., think tank. "This is the new metropolitan reality.

Muro and Alan Berube, also of Brookings, believe the Denver area is one of a handful of regions nationally in the forefront of metro-area integration, and the city itself may be one of the first central cities to see the white population make inroads into the Latino population."

From Planetizen: Why Metro Denver is Desirable:
"In this article (in The Rocky Mountain News), researcher Richard Florida looks at why and how the Denver area became a "megaregion" and a highly-desirable place to live."

Thanks to Metropolitan Policy Program Update?

Full Story: Denver Gets Whiter; Suburbs More Diverse


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