Lightweight Blocks Cut Rail Costs and Timelines

Light rail developers in Utah are cutting costs and timelines with a new and unlikely track base: foam.

"It looks like the construction workers are stacking giant LEGO blocks, but it is actually the base of what will be a bridge for the West Valley light-rail line."

"Terry Meier, with ACH Foam Technologies, says the giant foam blocks might be lightweight, but they can hold a lot of weight. 'The density they're using on this project will withstand over a thousand pounds per square foot. So, that's a tremendous amount of weight. Much stronger than people would realize,' he said."

"Plus the lightweight fill and stabilizer saves money in project time. Dirt and other types of fill can take too long to settle. 'It takes months to get the settlement out,' said UTA Project Manager Jim Webb. 'So it helps to use Geofoam.'"

Thanks to Reconnecting America

Full Story: Foam blocks helping UTA save time and money


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