State Senator Wants California to Rethink Parking

Legislation written by State Senator Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) would require parking reform in the "Donald Shoup" mold in almost every city in California.

"Last week, Senator Alan Lowenthal introduced legislation that would require that California municipalities reform their parking systems by cobbling together a series of reforms that would total "20 points" of reform. Lowenthal's legislation outlines what reforms are worth how many points. For example, if you eliminate parking requirements for new development you earn all 20 points. If you dedicate parking revenue to bicycle and pedestrian improvements and have a variable congestion charge, you'll earn between 7 and 10 points.

You can expect some political blowback on this legislation. It's unlikely that many L.A. County politicians, where every car has 7 dedicated parking spaces, will look kindly on this legislation and Infosnack wonders how small, rural communities are going to possibly meet their 20 point requirement. However, if this legislation were to somehow become law, it could have a greater impact on development in L.A. County than past Complete Streets or Anti-Sprawl legislation ever could because it is a lot more specific in what is required of municipalities."

Thanks to Damien Newton

Full Story: Long Beach’s State Senator Lowenthal Takes on Parking Requirements


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