What's In A Name Anyway?

A lot, according to columnist Linda Robertson who makes the case for renaming the nation's most prized stadia. After all, she argues, many of them bear the name of the economy's most troubled corporations bailed out by Terry taxpayer.

"It's time to rename our sports stadiums, pro tournaments and college bowl games.

Erase the names of all those financial institutions and name the stadium after yourself.

Why not Joe Lunchbucket Arena instead of Comerica Park? You're paying for it.

If you can't get a piece of the $700 billion bailout, get a piece of your local sports palace, which you probably also subsidized when it was built.

Your tax dollars are now paying for dubious branding and sponsorship deals. So let's advertise hard-working Americans rather than wasteful, foundering corporations run by inept CEOs."

Full Story: Stadium names too costly for us


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