Vancouver's Garbage Woes May be Alleviated

A proposal to turn part of a 6,000-hectare copper mine into a landfill has just been given the green light for an environmental assessment. The garbage dump would bury 250,000 metric tons of garbage from 25 local communities annually.

"The Highland Valley Copper mine proposal was first made several years ago, when Metro Vancouver was looking for a long-term solution for its garbage-disposal problem. But last spring Metro shifted direction, with a new solid-waste management plan that calls for its garbage to be burned in several waste-to-energy facilities, negating the need for a new landfill.

The mine dump site would have a triple lining as a barrier against seepage, a process for reclaiming methane gas to fuel garbage trucks, and enough capacity to collect garbage for more than 130 years.

The proposal has support from some Indian bands in the area, but not others."

"[Chief David Walkem of Cooks Ferry Indian Band] said Metro Vancouver is showing the right approach by planning to handle its garbage locally, and other communities should do the same."

Full Story: Open-pit garbage dump idea revived


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