New England's Football Mall

Football and shopping become one in New England, where the owner of the New England Patriots NFL team has built a $300 million mall and entertainment complex next to the stadium.

"Team owner Robert Kraft has built a large new mall next to Gillette Stadium that costs as much as the stadium itself: more than $300 million. And other franchises are watching to see if it brings in some "super" profits."

"Other stadiums have some shops and accommodations next door, but nothing like this. Patriot Place will have a football museum, a four-star hotel and spa, and a medical clinic tied to Harvard University. Of course, it also will have dozens of restaurants and stores, including Bass Pro Shops and Circuit City, which have already opened."

"Unlike most owners of sports franchises, he footed the bill for Gillette Stadium without public money. That means he's paying back some big loans. It also means he can do what he wants with all the parking and plumbing he paid for."

"'I realized that if we were going to make this work financially, eventually we'd have to do other things around it,' Kraft said. 'I dreamt of being able to have a development down there, and that was always part of my long-range plan.'"

Full Story: Patriots' Kraft Banks On New Mall At Stadium


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