NPR's Talk of the Nation Highlights Amtrak Long Distance Travel

Former travel editor Catherine Watson is interviewed on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" about her Amtrak trip on three long-distance trains from Minnesota to New Mexico that illustrate the difference between travel and transportation.

Watson describes the entire travel experience (several days), from children playing in the aisles to the excellent catfish served on the City of New Orleans. She treated herself to a roomette, about $360 that also included meals. However, she describes the many fellow travelers she met on board who were on short trips to take advantage of the 'great deals' that were even cheaper than Greyhound.

"She didn't get to New Mexico quickly -- or inexpensively -- but she arrived at her destination having fully enjoyed the ride".

She sums it up by explaining that the trip illustrates the distance between travel and transportation - the former taken to enjoy the experience, the latter primarily to save time.

Watson's article on the trip was published in the San Francisco Chronicle (related link).

Thanks to David Johnson, NARP Assistant Director

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