Ads in Public Places Raise Money, Concerns

In an effort to raise extra money, cities and counties in Florida have been selling advertising in public spaces. Some say it's a good way to get extra revenue, but others worry about the visual pollution of public areas.

"As many local governments in Florida slash budgets to compensate for declining property tax revenues, a few are trying to raise money by selling public space for environmentally-focused advertisements that look like road signs."

"The ad revenues pay for environmental projects."

"Sarasota County environmental experts are evaluating the program to see if it would work locally. The money would help during tight budget times when environmental projects often take a back seat to core government services."

"But it could promote clutter along public roadways and facilitate "green washing," a term for polishing the credentials of a company with questionable environmental values."

"The program also raises questions about how much advertising is appropriate on public property."

Full Story: Eco-ads offer cash for public space


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