Portland's Bike Sharing Proposal Hits Snag

Plans to establish a European-style citywide bike-sharing program in Portland have been put on hold, as city officials encounter recurring logistical issues.

"On June 26, city officials canceled an eight-month contract-review process aimed at finding a company to provide the service and maintain a fleet of rental bicycles. The plan could be retooled for future proposals, but for now, it's not going anywhere."

"The city took company bids in mid-October to establish a fleet of about 500 bicycles that could be rented at one location, pedaled across town and turned in at another place. The idea was to give people in the city who make short trips during the day an alternative to driving."

"As the committee began its bid evaluation, it became apparent that the project could require more leg work than anticipated. The group met 'a lot of times' and, after pondering the pros and cons, eventually 'ended up at the same spot," on concerns about funding and logistical issues, said Barbara Gibson, the city's procurement supervisor who worked with the group on the bid."

"'They felt they needed to do some more preparation work,' Gibson said."

Full Story: Concerns deflate city’s bike rental proposal


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