Dirty Politics Keeping Sprawl Alive in Florida

This commentary claims that dirty politics have prevented Florida voters from being able to control sprawl in their communities.

"It doesn't matter that Florida has a huge glut of abandoned homes thrown up in the hinterlands, dragging down the economy."

"Our political leaders want more."

"Not only are they refusing to control sprawl, but they also are making sure you don't either. It's the biggest disconnect I've ever seen between public desire and political action."

Full Story: So you want to halt sprawl? Fat chance!



Michael Lewyn's picture

Hometown Democracy means more sprawl

The "Hometown Democracy" proposal discussed in the article would require referenda on all comprehensive plan amendments - thus ensuring NIMBY [Not In My Back Yard] veto power over all attempts to increase density. Since residents of established cities and suburbs are more likely to be NIMBYs than residents of thinly settled rural areas, Hometown Democracy would kill more infill development than sprawl. Thus, Hometown Democracy means less infill and more sprawl.

For once, Florida's politicians have done the right thing - proving that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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