'Make My Day' Meets 'Hasta La Vista'

In a classic Hollywood showdown that could only happen in California politics, Gov. Schwarzenegger axed actor-director-former Carmel, CA mayor Clint Eastwood from the Parks Commission at the expiration of his term after his 'no-vote' on a toll road.

"The governor refused to reappoint his brother-in-law Bobby Shriver and fellow acting icon Clint Eastwood to the State Park and Recreation Commission, where both had served for several years.

The move stunned park advocates and other members of the commission, who said the two men were outspoken champions of the beleaguered state parks system and had disagreed with Schwarzenegger on a project he had championed.

A spokesman for Schwarzenegger said Eastwood and Shriver weren't reappointed because their terms had expired and there was nothing unusual about the decision."

"But more than a few park advocates were skeptical. Shriver was the commission chairman and Eastwood was the vice chairman and they had both recently opposed the governor's plan to build a toll road between Orange County and San Diego that would have cut through San Onofre State Beach." [See related links.].

"Eastwood said there are no hard feelings, especially under the current budget circumstances.

Eastwood, who, like Schwarzenegger, is a Republican and a friend of the governor, said he heard Tuesday that he hadn't been reappointed and nobody explained why."

"When you appoint people to the commission, you appoint people who have a soft spot for the parks, so I would think 99 out of 100 would vote against putting a highway through a state park," Eastwood said.

"It's not a fun time in Sacramento with all the budget issues," Eastwood said. "It was more fun with the girly-man thing."

Thanks to Jim Metropolus

Full Story: Eastwood, governor's in-law off parks board


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