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How the Experts Would Fix America's Infrastructure

Architect magazine asked experts form a broad range of fields how they would use the $1.6 trillion it is estimated to cost to fix the nation's infrastructure. Respondents include Ron Paul, Richard Florida, Alex Garvin, and many others.

"Now more than ever, effective systems of public infrastructure are crucial for societies' health as populations grow and resources are squeezed. But in many countries, including the United States, public infrastructure is underfunded and under strain. The ULI estimates that it would cost $1.6 trillion to make needed upgrades to America's infrastructure."

"Hard problems demand creative solutions, so ARCHITECT asked a range of experts-architects, engineers, planners, nonprofit leaders, elected officials, and critics-how they'd fix America's infrastructure if they had the chance (and $1.6 trillion to spend)."

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Full Story: Infrastructure: How Would You Spend $1.6 Trillion?



Make No Small Plans

If we had $1.6 trillion to spend on infrastructure, we should spend it to rebuild our suburban neighborhoods (those built in the era of the automobile) to be walkable, and improve our urban environments (built prior to the automobile)to make them desirable. Of course, affordability is an issue, but $1.6 trillion dollars could go a long way towards meeting these goals.

Equity and sustainability need to be the twin pillars of such a plan.

We would need a novel implementation strategy.

Where the funds will come from in a deficit ridden government is another question.

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