Creativity Study: Boise Compares Well With Portland and Seattle

Boise State University's Centre for Creativity and Innovation has created and index of creative cities that's found Boise to be just about as creative as cities such as Portland and Seattle.

"To determine just how creatively a city is going about its business takes research savvy, thoughtful analysis and, well, a little creativity."

"Boise State senior biology major and undergraduate research assistant Ryan Cooper put all three to the test. The
result: a creativity index that ranks Boise, Seattle and Portland in a number of key areas that are believed to contribute to their economic success."

"'This was my first significant research project, followed by an intensive biological research project,' Cooper says. 'After years of studying about these concepts, research actually lets you see how they are applied. I don't know how I would feel about my education without these experiences - it would be a lot of book knowledge. Research has completely made my undergraduate education.'"

"And it has given leaders in Boise's government, businesses and arts groups a real tool to measure and pursue economic strength and growth. Nationally known expert Richard Florida popularized the idea of a city's creativity being vital to its economic development. While numerous economic indicators and measures exist, none have been localized to Boise like Cooper's creativity index."

Thanks to Jon Cecil, AICP

Full Story: Study Creatively Gauges Economic Success


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